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A quick post about who we are with some blurb taken from our press pack, all details can be found on our website: http://www.spires-st.com

Spires Specialist Jaguar Tuning is a company formed to deliver high quality tuning products for Jaguar cars. The company’s foundations lie with two automotive engineers with over 20 years experience of specialist chassis tuning and design for major manufacturers within the automotive engineering industry. With this experience we have developed our principles of dynamic excellence and true performance through cutting edge technology, engineering, design and absolute attention to detail.

We remain at the forefront of modern technology for design, simulation and tuning to this day, experienced with new technologies such as computer controlled suspensions and highly skilled in testing and assessing cars to the limit on racetracks and proving grounds throughout Europe. As a result all our products are engineered to meet or exceed the exacting standards of the original manufacturer.

Jaguar have emerged as a modern and exciting car manufacturer and we feel that the time is right for a new tuning partner to compliment the Jaguar brand. The latest XK and the new XF models embody Jaguar's desire to produce beautiful, fast cars, and reflect our own philosophy of genuine performance and style. The XF is the car that is revolutionising Jaguar's future, and is therefore the natural target for our first products. It has proved an excellent base for our dynamic and purposeful enhancements, and it is in the S:Series that the XF at last realises its full potential.
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