Farewell and good luck - it's been a blast
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    Farewell and good luck - it's been a blast

    It's with a heavy heart that I am saying farewell from JAAAAAAAAAG ownership.

    I had my XF for 4 1/2 years and loved it, but as with all love affairs it kind of drifted and we have parted ways:

    The image - never ever got tired of driving a Jag. Just walking up to the car in a carpark made me smile, so proud to own such a wonderful marque.
    The performance - a 2.5 ton diesel should not be as fast as the XF S
    Luxury - must be one of the very best cabins available for a 2010 car. Leather everywhere, suede headling, heated/cooled seats.
    Driver aids - I know most cars have these now, but cruise control, reversing camera, DAB radio, USB/Ipod connectivity, blind spot warning system, keyless entry, etc just made the car a pleasure to drive.

    Tyres - my Portfolio S came with 20' wheels with 255x35 profile tyres and the car just ate them alive. Punctures, split sides and uneven wear. At ~£200 each, I had 5 tyres last year and this was the final straw - I simply couldn't afford to keep replacing them.
    Hard ride - again because of the 20' wheels and I expect the S dynamic setting, the ride was pretty harsh. Driving over even a small twig seemed to shake the car.
    Fuel consumption - my commute meant I was in pretty heavy traffic most days and I would see ~ 24mpg. Long motorway journeys would see ~ 45mpg. I shouldn't really complain, it's a big 3-litre sport and I did use the "fun" pedal quite a lot, but it just got expensive to run - no real surprise.
    Servicing - My local independent Jag garage were very good, but at £96/hour anything I needed doing was very expensive. My car had done 103k when we parted our ways so was ready to have the timing chain replaced and I was also told that a couple of suspension bushes needed replacing (might be a contributing factor to the tyre wear/harsh ride). I think I was facing a very heavy bill.

    If anyone is interested the car is up for sale and can be found here: https://www.autochoicebristol.com/us...ortfolio-3422/

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    Your car looks really great. And a nice change to see a car, which is not black, neither outside nor inside. Cars are so black and grey these days. I still enjoy my early XF. They were really good back then, but I'm afraid, Jaguar hasn't been able to keep up with the competition. I'll keep my XF as a "fun" car. It is both classic and modern with most of the comfort and reliability, you expect from a car these days. But I don't really need a car. We have another car in the family. I just found out, that I haven't filled the XF up since November 30, and a V8 is very thirsty. So I haven't been driving a lot this winter.
    Kind regards
    Henrik Münster, Denmark
    MY2009 XF Premium Luxury 4.2 V8 petrol, lunar gray, dove leather.
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