About to buy 13 XF V6 S Portfolio but...
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    About to buy 13 XF V6 S Portfolio but...

    Hi Gents, After months of looking for the right car, BM’s, Audi’s & Merc’s, I’ve finally decided on the XF. I’m about to purchase 63 plate Portfolio S V6 with 48k on the clock. But before I do, are there any things I need to check with the car at the dealers, any usual problems or things that should be replaced before purchase?
    My last car was a huge mistake as it was a 2012 Range Rover Sport... 2 years down the line and £3500 worse off it had to go.
    Hence why I’m slightly (maybe mistakenly) slightly concerned about buying one of its cousins.
    Thanks in advance

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    There are coolant lines that I had to replace on my 2013 XF (V6, supercharged, AWD) at 53K miles. The lines are beneath the supercharger. I am told it is a common failure and that Jaguar re-engineered the coolant line connector and gave it a new part number.

    Good luck. Mine is a joy to drive.




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