My second Jaguar
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    My second Jaguar

    i'm a middle age guy who is about to take delivery of my second ever Jag. My first was as a 20 something when I foolishly bought a XKR 4.2 supercharged when I was driving 130 miles a day, in the first few weeks that sound when you put your foot down was orgasmic, but with money needed for other things such as beer and girls, I soon got fed up with the (very) frequent trips to the petrol station. Heartbroken I had to sell the beast, but now 25 years later I find myself waiting for my second Jag, this time a bit more frugal (I hope). In 4 days I take delivery of a XF S Premium Luxury with 44K, full service history, full MOT with no advisories and in my favourite colour. Its only a 2012 plate, but cost not much, looking forward to owning another Jag, Im trading in a Mini Cooper, my question is I suppose can I take the "downgrade" in terms of performance and luxury?

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    Downgrade?(!) Those XF's where the best. With a 2012 plate, I imagine it's a facelift XF.
    Oh, and you didn't find, that when you sold your XKR years ago to have more money for beer and girls, the girls also disappeared?
    Kind regards
    Henrik Münster, Denmark
    MY2009 XF Premium Luxury 4.2 V8 petrol, lunar gray, dove leather.
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    A great purchase, I hope you get many miles of enjoyment from it.
    BTW Pictures are mandatory
    Jaguar XJ in Carpathian Gray




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