2016/17 XF 2.0D 180 Reliability v 2009 XF 2.7D
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    2016/17 XF 2.0D 180 Reliability v 2009 XF 2.7D

    I've owned my 09 XF 2.7D since nearly new and have enjoyed totally trouble free motoring. I've never had any problems and have only ever needed to change the tyres, brakes and oil. With nearly 80k miles it still drives like new. However, I'm aware the car is getting on now, it's by far the oldest car I've ever run and arguably I'm sitting on a timebomb in that inevitably it's almost bound to play up at some stage as it gets older and older.

    I'm therefore considering a 2016/17 XF 2.0D 180. That said, I'm a bit concerned about swapping my trouble free car for one with potential problems. I read in today's Autocar that the new shape XF is the lowest ranked car of its class in reliability surveys and that were many recalls including oil leaks, engine cut outs, cracked sills etc.

    Is the XF 180 a reliable car and is there anything I should check for? I'm planning to buy an ex lease 40 - 50k miler at auction so won't have a warranty.

    I was initially concerned about the smoothness of the 4 cylinder engine too - is it as smooth as the 6 cylinder 2.7? I've also been toying with the idea of one of the last 2014 3 litre old shape XFs.

    In a nutshell, do XF 180 owners think I should change my trusty old 2.7 for one? Or would I be better off getting a last of the line 3.0? My main concern is reliability as I have enjoyed such trouble-free motoring with my last XF. In some ways, I feel that getting a 2014 3.0d won't be a massive step forward as the car is basically the same shape as mine and that arguably a last of the line old shape 3.0d is less 'future proof' than a 2.0d 180. That said, I do have concerns about the reliability of the new model so would greatly appreciate any advice from happy and unhappy 2.0d 180 owners.

    Thanks in advance

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    It sounds like you are going through the same thought process as I did last year Mike, I eventually decided to keep my 93000 mile 2009 3.0, which has cost me oil, tyres, battery, brake pads and a rubber exhaust mount in my 6 years of ownership. I think I paid just under18k for it back in 2013, so really it owes me very little now, it drives like new, and still looks in every way a tidy, modern car which attracts admiring glances, so I gave it the big cambelt service this year, and plan to keep it until diesels are forcibly removed from our roads. My accountant keeps telling me to get rid as I have had all of the tax benefit out of it, but they can keep the tax benefit, I really can't see the point in trading it in, getting some paltry offer and then giving a dealer about another 12k on top, to drive away in what would be pretty much the same car again, with a few less miles on it but an unknown background, and then for the depreciation cycle to start all over again, so mine is a keeper and my money is still in the bank.

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    I'd call the current XF a downgrade from what you currently have (apart from the external looks). Have you considered a facelifted 3.0 version of your current car? I would think you'd find one within the mileage you're considering.
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