Someone around the corner got an I-Pace
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    Someone around the corner got an I-Pace

    For the last few years, someone around the corner has had a British racing green Jaguar XE. It could well be three years, so the lease has expired now. Recently my son came home and told me, he had seen, that the XE had been replaced by an E-Pace. Then the other day, my son came home and said, he was wrong. He had taken a closer look, and it is actually an I-Pace. I just drove by and could see, it's a Corris gray I-Pace. A charger has been installed in the double carport at the house. I don't know the people in the house at all, but I would be very interested in hearing their experience owning the car. Electric cars are still quite exotic. They are rare, and you need to take special considerations when owning an EV. I suppose EV owners could turn that around and say, the rest of os has to take time to go to a petrol station to buy fuel, while they can just charge their cars at home. Anyway, Jaguars are still very rare here in Denmark, and an electric Jaguar even more so. So it's quite speciel to have one just around the corner. I must start walking the dog past the house daily, so I can meet the owner and ask him about the car.
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    I'm quite sure that the owner would be delighted if you, as a Jaguar enthusiast, simply stopped by and asked him about his vehicle.

    Just do it
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