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    What to look for...

    Evening folks!

    (New around here)

    So, after much research, I'm pretty much decided on a an XF 2.7TD Luxury. It's got just under 60k on the clock and is priced at £7k. At the moment, I've got a 53 plate MG ZT 190, which I love to bits. It goes like a rocket still but it's getting to the stage where things are starting to go wrong on a regular basis and the fuel economy isn't great. I do 75 miles a day at an average of about 35mph according to the sat nav. The combined urban is supposed to be 28mpg and I get between 28 and 30 doing brim to brim tests. I'm hoping the XF will follow a similar pattern and I'll get around the 37mpg mark. If that works, I save about 5p a mile.

    What I'm wondering is whether there are any things I should look out for. Things like have the cam belts been changed? DPF health (Can you tell?), etc.

    I'm going to look at the one I've got my eye on on Friday and if everything checks out I'm happy to part with my cash.

    Either way, it's only going to be a matter of time! I've spent a gazillion hours on Autotrader. In the end I searched for cars:

    • More than 40mpg
    • Less than 8s to 60
    • 5 seats
    • £7.5 tops
    • Less than 60k on the clock
    • Any colour but silver

    It was the XF, a 300c, BM 3 series or a Citroen DS3. I can't quite stretch to a 3.0 otherwise I would go for that.

    The XF just does it for me and ticks every box.

    Any other advice would be gratefully received.


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    My average fuel consumption in my 2.7 PL was around 34 mpg, an improvement of 10 mpg on my petrol V6 S-Type.
    Cam belt will not need a change for a long time, check out “Service Schedule”
    DPF will probably need some nursing from time to time but with your proposed daily mileage shouldn’t be an issue.

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    I sold my 3.0 s for not much more. The 3.0 averaged 42mpg and was better all round than the 2.7.
    Owned it from new 76000m fantastic car apart from two turbo intercooler failures.

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    Don’t laugh... This might sound obvious, but look for jump cables near the car when you test it!!
    I had a fabulous ‘11 plate XF S, but it suffered the dreaded XF battery drain. Google that and you’ll see lots of forum entries. Seems to have affected some of the earlier XFs and led to me eventually changing into a newer XF.
    If it doesn’t start first time, run!!
    That said, I wouldn’t even consider leaving Jaguar now - nothing comes close in my opinion.




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