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    Quote Originally Posted by Muenster View Post
    I just got an online Jaguar Magazine from Jaguar UK called "THE JAGUAR issue 4 / 2018". It has an article about the F-Pace SVR. It says:

    "OFFICIAL EU FUEL CONSUMPTION FIGURES FOR THE F-PACE SVR in l/100km (mpg): 11.7; CO2 emissions g/km: 272.
    For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ."
    - if certification for this ancient engine to Euro 6d was such a cinch, why is the car 6 to 9 months late already, and not due now with paid deposit-customers before Q1/Q2 2019?

    JLR had a choice - get it certified and emasculated, or have no SVR. They've chosen to get it through, but at the cost of a now feeble, anaemic engine, producing probably real 400-450hp, and barely 400 lb.ft, i.e., pointless for a range-topping 'super SUV'.

    They should have binned the car, and given deposits back, as 'the car', the promised SVR thing, could not be delivered.

    In typical JLR fashion, they've not made a decision, and will hope the media wil cover for this pop gun of a car, when the opposition now have howitzers, producing real up to 700hp, for 5-600hp declared.

    The Lambo Urus for instance is producing way over 700hp from a 4-litre V8, and the 4-litre V8 in the Merc GLC/GLC Coupe the best part of 600hp.

    Not even JLR fanboys will want a £80-100k car that can be thrashed by 'cooking' versions of the competition, Merc's straight six AMG '53's for example, priced around £50-60k.

    Speth failed to get BMW's V8 in 2013, and JLR is now suffering majorly, with this old, inadequate engine.

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    Special Vehicles(F-Pace SVR)? More like Special Needs.

    Delayed, non-appearing for almost a year and counting, and now overtaken by the X3/X4 M:


    Meanwhile, the no doubt £20k more F-Pace SVR's latest excuse is 'blown tyres' - as no one but JLR makes 150 mph+ 2 tonne+ SUVs:

    Not sure if this has been covered before, but was told today that the delay is down to tyres. Apparently they have a tendency to explode under the strain! Expecting dealer demo SVRs in april. I assumed the dealer meant 2019

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    Over a year delayed:

    Had the call from my dealer over the weekend - my build slot has gone back again, now its 17/05 with 'At dealer' now forecast as 07/06 and 'Retailed' as 12/06. I placed my deposit early September and initially expected collection around Christmas. That went back to 'end Feb' then 'early April' and now June.

    You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that something's off here.

    It's a combination of:

    - the higher/far higher output/performance in reality of the new BMW X3/X4 M, Stelvio QV, Merc GLC 63 S twins, and coming facelifted Macan Turbo
    - the far lower than stated output/performance of the Euro 6c/particulate filter-neutered '550/575 PS' obsolete 5-litre V8
    - SV Operations being wound down/binned for cost saving - flogging off stock, inventory, the site if owned at Ryton on Dunsmore
    - general chaos at JLR, where the 4,500 white collar heads being cut, probably more in truth, has led to a 'down tools' approach of the infamously truculent Midlands workforce, so that hardly anything is getting through and being done.

    This last point is backed up by the non-/never-show of the Defender, the Ingenium I6, which was rushed out as 'launched', in the peculiar RR Sport HST, almost certainly just for PR, like the now year-delayed F-Pace SVR itself.

    Sorry, but this looks so much like BL/Austin Rover of the 70s and 80s, before they were saved by Ford - Jaguar - and Land Rover - BMW, just in the nick of time, who spent tens of £billions in today's money just trying to right the ship first of all - Browns Lane WWII machine tools etc - and then try to make the workforce responsible and adult, producing near industry average product quality.

    The 'system' has gone back to its normal state, without such huge forceful outside change. BL/AR/Rover Group was a nightmare, sclerotic, a bad, bolshy workforce with an even worse management body.
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