Replacement GAP insurance is superior to the Invoice GAP insurance policy peddled by other brokers and motor dealers - particularly if you're buying a brand new Jag!

Whilst having an Invoice GAP insurance policy get you back to the original invoice price that you paid in the event of a Total Loss is clearly nothing to be sniffed at, what happens if the price of a present-day brand new equivalent Jag is more expensive at the time of claim, than when you first bought your car? Therein lies the benefit of Replacement GAP insurance.

However it doesn't stop there, our Replacement GAP insurance is the best of all three types of GAP insurance (Finance, Invoice & Replacement GAP Insurance) rolled in to one. There is no higher form of GAP insurance available.

What is Replacement GAP insurance from

In the event of your vehicle being written off through accident, fire, theft or flood, Replacement GAP insurance will cover the difference between your motor insurance payout and the greater of either:

  1. The amount outstanding on finance at the time of claim, or
  2. The original invoice price that you paid for your vehicle, or
  3. What it would cost at the time of claim to replace your vehicle with a brand new version of the same* (or nearest equivalent) vehicle again.

* - If your original vehicle was not purchased brand new, the replacement vehicle value would be based at the time of claim, on one of the same (or nearest equivalent) vehicle make, model, specification, age and mileage as was relevant to your original vehicle at the time you first bought it

Cover features:

  • Cash payouts to you as the policyholder, leaving you free to use the funds against the cost of any vehicle from any dealership your choice.
  • Cover available for durations of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.
  • Defer the start date of the policy by up to 1-year from first registration if your motor insurer covers you on a new-for-old basis in the first year (1-4yr policies only)
  • Claim limits available ranging from £5,000 to £Unlimited
  • Available for cars purchased for up to £150,000
  • Cover vehicles purchased up to 365 days ago
  • Add on cover for up to £2,000 of Negative Equity brought forward from a previous vehicle.
  • Covers up to £250 of the excess payable under your motor insurance policy in the event of a Total Loss claim
  • Underwritten by an A-Rated insurer who's parent company is one of the largest insurance companies in the world
  • Available for vehicles that are up to 5 years old at the time of purchasing the policy
  • No mileage limits

£50,000 vehicle example:

Other brokers might provide you with a 3-year Invoice GAP insurance policy incorporating a £20,000 Claim Limit for £216 but...

£217.21* with us gets you a 3-year Replacement GAP insurance policy with an £Unlimited Claim Limit!

* - Use discount code "XFFORUM10"

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What our customers say:

Excellent company to deal with. Fortunately I've not had to use the insurance, but setting up a policy is very straightforward as is setting up a new one when changing vehicles. They have allowed me to cancel my existing policy before it expired as I am changing vehicles, with a pro-rata refund on the previous policy being used against the new policy (or it's offered as a refund direct to my bank account). Tim has helped me with this and saved me a great deal of money. Highly recommended. P. Brownsword, Ford Grand C-Max

***** I would strongly recommend this company. My car was written off and my claim was processed with efficiency and speed and I am very happy with the outcome. Outstanding customer service from David and the team. The competitively priced premium is probably the best investment I have ever made. Thank you. S. Maughan, Hyundai i10

***** Outstanding value compared to the dealership's sky high prices. S. Street, Porsche Boxster

***** I can't recommend these highly enough. Handled my claim quickly and nothing was too much trouble and no question to trivial . Just taken out my second policy with them hope i never need to use it but know I will get excellent service if I do. H. Lewington, Vauxhall Corsa

***** Excellent customer service, problems sorted first time, would recommend! K. James, Toyota Yaris

***** Fantastic service. Tom was helpful both on line via chat and when I took out the policy via phone The saving compared to dealer quote was amazing £230.00 cheaper! M. Newby, Citroen DS3