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    Actually, single vehicle crashes are the largest single type of crash in the US. In my region 46-52% of car crashes in the past 5 years were single vehicle crashes. Of those, the vast majority (over 2/3) involves the vehicle hitting a fixed object.

    But in general, you are correct - all things being equal in a crash, being in the heavier vehicle is an advantage.

    You also need to acknowledge that, all things being equal prior to an accident, the lighter vehicle has a better chance of a voiding it.

    So pick your poison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baron95 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BMVIrep View Post
    Quite possibly the worst British car ever
    Overhyping a tad, maybe?

    The E-Pace will do fine. Just remember, this is a cheap (in the Jaguar hierarchy) vehicle, intent primarily to be sold to new to the brand and even totally new to car ownership (China, etc). It has 4 wheels, a Jaguar badge - it will sell fine. The target consumers are not very sophisticated.
    Your analysis of the Chinese market may be spot on but how does that help JLR ?
    The car will be made in China and presumably any profits will be shared with Chery and eventually a dividend remitted to JLR.
    In the meantime the U.K. market demand will be satisfied by imports from the Magna plant.
    Jaguar have briefed that the E-Pace will outsell the F-Pace and so the question is begged - what will be built in the U.K. that will actually sell in volume ?

    How long a run will the F-Pace have before the I-Pace, another Magna product, eats in to its sales ?




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