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    I'm not sanguine about the future of Jaguar. And from New England I can tell you that Jaguar US sales just went down again - by 10% - in November, which was another record month in the US for vehicle sales, in an economy and stock market that is flat out booming.

    All I am saying is that, overall, Jaguar (and JLR) are better off with the new models being launched than without them. Yes, sales a decreasing, but they are still twice what they were in 2015.

    Jaguar now has the most complete vehicle range in its entire history, with 3 sedans, 2 SUVs, once sports car, one estate, and one EV to be launched.
    Even if individually they are not the best in class (and they are not), collectively it is still a strong line up.

    I do not see any severe risk to UK JLR employment. I see a cyclical, moderate risk, which simply needs a good powertrain (engine line up) to be fixed.

    There is a lot of space between sanguine/booming and sky-is-falling/depression. That is where Jaguar is.
    Keep in mind that Jaguar have briefed the media that the E-Pace, which will be built in Graz and China, will be a bigger seller than the F-Pace, built in the U.K.
    The I-Pace, the EV that you welcome, will be built in Graz.
    The XF and XE which are built in the U.K. are struggling for sales because of Jaguar’s reliance on Diesel engines.

    So I ask again:
    If the E-Pace and I-Pace is manufactured in Europe and in China the E-Pace, F-Pace, XFL, XEL and no doubt in time the I-Pace are produced in partnership with Chery which volume seller will sustain the U.K. manufacturing plants ?
    Thousands of British jobs are dependent on the success of JLR and all the signs are that presently they are not successful selling sufficient cars in the U.K.
    Of course it remains to be seen if the Graz built E-Pace achieves volume sales in the absence of a Hybrid drivetrain and if the reliance on the diesel Ingenium continues.

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    View the I-Pace in California and hear what is said about range.

    Ann seems to thoroughly enjoy the road trip (video above) remarking. “It’s nice to not have to trade off considering the environment and wanting an electric car but also being able to benefit from the luxury of a Jaguar car and interior — you know, I think that’s very appealing.”

    It seems there are people who indeed are waiting on the electric version of their longtime favorite motor car. Jaguar continues: “Thousands of potential customers around the world have pressed the ‘I want one’ button on to register their interest for the hotly anticipated electric SUV.

    Not only will these customers be at the front of the queue when order books officially open globally in March, but a lucky few have been chosen to accompany Jaguar’s engineers as prototype vehicles complete final validation tests.”




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