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    Quote Originally Posted by BMVIrep View Post
    But, JLR fanboys/shills are still out there telling the world, brazen as you like, that 'eXJ' is a thing, and about to wipe the floor with everyone - yet another Gamechanger to coin a phrase - and 'stunner', and 'Killer', and 'orgasmic' machine for Cropley, etc :

    "There is a new motor with integrated controller that apparently has better friction performance and is more efficient. It’s destined for the XJ but I believe they will use it across the line, particularly as the rear power for the next I Pace which will have 500bhp performance. There is also a 110KWh battery, although I don’t know if that is intended only for the larger vehicles in the JLR range or for the I Pace too. They will certainly use that in Land Rover cars."


    - i.e, MG Rover with knobs on - tall tales, whilst the bosses/owners scarper with the loot, leaving broke taxpayers holding baby - 'lessons learned' etc.
    So there are people sitting on fora like, in this case, "I-Pace Forum" pretending to have some kind of inside knowledge? And they know, that JLR now has a better and more efficient electric motor and a larger battery? If it was true, it would be great for JLR, but I fear, it is not true. I have read the whole thread on "I-Pace Forum", and some talk about those improvement including a more powerful motor being used on the next I-Pace. As though that is imminent. But the I-Pace is the newest model in Jaguar's line-up. It can't be due for replacement for several years. Or are we just talking about a sort of facelift or improvement to the existing car? There is also talk of a three-phase onboard charger for the 2020 I-Pace instead of the one-phase charger it has now. I don't know what to think. Perhaps it's just talk.
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    Academic now, but quelle surprise - not, to anyone with a brain and over 5 years old:

    On Christmas eve my car failed big time and had to be towed to the dealer. I got it back on the 31st with all updates, incl the H264 and two new batteries.

    Anyway, I hoped for a range improvement but didn’t notice anything, actually it looks like range became worse.

    Before the garage visit I would see something like an avg. consumption of 22kwh/100km, now I am happy to see something like 25.3kwh/100km. Note that the first 30/35km of the trips, the avg consumption consistently is above 30kwh/100miles which is also unusual.

    - just as I said - see a few comments up on this thread, with the guy reporting 26.6 kWh/100 km post-H264 average consumption - the 'range improvement' is actually negative, majorly negative, around 15-20%.

    So, chocolate fireguard car anyway - useless, always breaking down, throwing faults etc - and now tampered with by morons - JLR 'engineers' - i.e., the dregs of the English class system, whose parents weren't rich enough to send them to a £30k+/yr 'public' school, and so go into 'The Law', or 'The City', or 'The Media', or 'Politics', or they only scraped a 2:1 degree, a Third or Fail of 30 years ago, and so had only the option to be an 'engineer', not even accoutancy, auditing or management consulting for the Big 4, and doing the now obligatory Masters, or an MBA, or an 'Eng.Doc', at a place like Warwick Manufacturing Group/Wawick University, where if you can spell your name and have the money for the fees, you get a certificate.

    It's like going to A&E, and expecting a Junior House Doctor to make you better, when your own intelligence tells you that you know more and are probably more sober and less high on some drug than the quack 'expert' asking you inane questions, because they are playing for time, and haven't a clue about anything other than being tutored night and day to pass narrow rote-recalling exams, to make good on mummy and daddy's half a million pound plus investment.

    But the people still buying and falling for JLR's and the Media's lies about the I-Pace, the latest '8% range improvement', are of the same ilk - educated idiots - who actually know nothing about anything, just their tiny, 'specialist' field, just enough to get them a few bob, and above the rat race.
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    'Gamechanger', 'rapturously received', 'Tesla&Kraut-killer', 'orgasmic' - multiple for Cropley - World, European, German... Car of the Year, etc, etc, but... :

    My PCP is soon coming to an end on my 13 month old FE iPace. Low mileage. Settlement figure £61k.
    Jaguar part exchange value £53k. Other manufacturers £48k.
    Similar models on dealers forecourts for £58-£60k
    I think that the finance companies will be getting a lot of iPaces back and some unhappy customers if values have dropped so much more than expected, and not even a deposit on a new car
    Guess it is goodbye to iPace ownership in March!!
    But I loved the car.

    - like everything in the UK, the I-Pace was and is the opposite of what the media/the state and its organs told the little people.

    It's called Communism - mass brainwashing, mass propaganda, mass 'Big Lying'.

    Of course, you'll find some, a literal handful, who will truly orgasm over it, as you would in any distribution in nature where there are millions of candidates, but you can't run a large company in the real world on these outliers/nutters.

    Most normal people cannot afford to lose 30, 40, £50k on a car, in less than a year, unless they've got HRH in front of their name, and they didn't pay for it.

    A normal car company doing this, any business doing this, from a corner shop to Shell/VAG, would be bust and liquidated after a few quarters, but JLR has been doing this, constantly, across all its models, RR Sport until recently perhaps excepted, for at least 4 years/16 quarters now.

    We, the UK taxpayers, are picking up the bill, through 'research grants', and constant free advertising, promotion and marketing by the BBC, and all UK and US media outlets.

    It's Communism - socialism for the Rich/soak the poor.

    The only way this will end is if the British people make it. They show no signs of it, rather the reverse - the worse things are getting, the more patriotic and clinging to the system that has destroyed the majority of them they have become.

    We're stuck in '70s Soviet Union with better, much better, PR, as I've said.

    Our Ladas are the envy of the world, or so the BBC, Daily Mail, Guardian etc say.

    You have to laugh or you'd cry/go mad.

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    The new, cheaper '50' model of the Audi e-tron seems to be doing great business:

    - e-tron best-selling BEV so far this year in Norway
    - sales shooting up in Denmark, Holland etc - http://ev-sales.blogspot.com/2020/01...mber-2019.html

    Why doesn't someone with a brain at JLR bite the bullet and announce an ~£50k I-Pace, with 200 miles range - its real range, so no technical change to the car - and see if that can ignite sales finally?

    Or are they all too busy on LinkedIn?

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    Never mind 'so last year', or even 'so last decade', 'The Gamechanger' and awards-sweeping, 'rapturously received', orgasm giver to Autocar hacks, 'It' car of just 12 months ago, seems so last century - where its platform hails from - the 2003 X350 XJ's, which was conceived by Ford PAG/Jaguar in the late 90s.

    Now, the Aussie/Yank Murdoch's rags are putting the boot in:


    Murdoch, still knighthood-less, and probably revelling in the implosion of 'The Royal Family', may have decided now is the optimum time to put the boot into the 'top level' of the British Establishment, that shuns him, with this attack on the Royals' proxy - JLR - HRH Charlie boy's very high profile endorsement of the I-Pace, Ginger's driving of the electric Jag at his wedding, Sky's arch rival, the BBC's constant promotion of JLR, etc.

    Will be interesting to see how that other News Corp, 'top' auto journo, Clarkson, writes up the Taycan, in The Times, as he has fingers in other pies, as well as Murdoch's.

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    The two most obvious shills/'owners' did a moonlight flit - leaving duped actual owners high and dry:

    Neither Chewy or Goshdarnit are on here any longer, at least not under their original forum names, they have both deleted their profiles as far as I can make it.

    might be connected to this:

    Two recent examples (my own and another forum member's experiences);

    S version with £4k worth of options:
    List price £67,500, GFV on 36 month PCP £41,500, trade-in offer after 12 months & 10k miles £43,000 (non Jaguar dealer).

    FE version:
    List price £81,500, GFV on 15 month PCP £58,000, trade-in offer after 13 months and 'low' miles £48,000 (non Jaguar dealer), £53,000 (Jaguar dealer).

    Our cars have lost 35 - 40%[41% actually] of their value in the first year with below average mileage.

    That and the I-Pace being mullered by the 'T'urd' in Norway, Holland, the US etc, and now the UK, without I-Pace 'orders' from the NHS, FCO, No.10 etc, and thousands of self-registrations, it was too much for Chewy and co. to row against, even with the mind-boggling level of gullibility/imbecility by the crowd at ipaceforums.co.uk, who thought these two characters and many similar ones were genuine.

    Who knows, maybe they're applying to Audi UK/VAG UK/Porsche UK to do similar 'guerilla marketing' for their BEVs, but those cars sell themselves.

    Poor sods, might have to get an actual job, or get an app for their nearest local foodbank.

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    So, Bjorn Nyland has given the 'royal' seal of approval to the e-tron 50, which may explain why the e-tron seems to be flying off the shelves in Norway, and even the supposed no-hoper EQC, which the Tesla press are wetting themselves over how few have been sold, is in danger of outselling the I-Pace in Norway this year - 44 units to 47 of the I-Pace so far.

    Merc held the EQC back to maximise the 2020 EU 95g/km CO2 regulation, and avoidance of fines, and the fact that it was making more money from the GLC in the common Bremen factory.

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    Death-wish: 'chocolate teapot' I-Pace + UK 'Smart' motorways, aka Killing-zones.


    Well, after much messing about, delays, and nonsense from Lex Autolease, I've just this second watched the I-Pace finally be trailered away for the last time.

    Since deciding to hand it back the nav screen has occasionally been getting stuck with everything shoved into the upper half of the display, requiring me to stop, shove it into reverse to bring up the camera, and then back into drive to get full screen back. Fun.

    It also decided in the middle of Ikea car park that reverse "gear" was broken (and yes, I know it's not a gear as such). I was manoeuvring into a tight space and required a bit of reversing and the car made a weird noise and then refused to go into reverse. Just sat there and would go into drive, but not reverse. Nothing behind me. Ended up having to fully turn the car off and back on again to get reverse. No idea why.

    The AA and other breakdown services won't do what they say - service breakdowns - on UK's 'smart' motorways - as their corporates and legal dept. have told the CEOs and directors that they'll be sued, possibly personally, if an employee gets mown down on a smart motorway - 'live lane' or not - with a red X on it.

    UK.gov - Highways Agency CEO/Whitehall mandarins/PM/DfT Sec of State etc - can't be sued, and don't drive on plebs' roads anyway - certainly not in the inside lane, and only in new, meticulously maintained vehicles, or usually by helicopter/private jet.

    So, buying a chocolate teapot, likely to throw a wobbly - lock all wheels, kill power etc - at any random minute - and drive as a pleb on UK's motorways = Russian Roulette/certifiable insane/Deathwish.
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    (wasteof) Speth?:

    by Ralphdoy » Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:57 pm I leased a new Jaguar I PACE. 400 S

    The displayed range of the car is low.

    The mileage travelled is much lower than the displayed range

    On receipt of the car, i charged the car up. It would only charge to 255 miles.

    On a journey the following day, the car needed charging at 130 miles with 35 mile remaining.

    On the second charge, the range was down to 218 miles.

    With Eco on travelling well below 70mph, braking slowly, slow accelerations, the car seems to travel 5/8th of a mile for every range mile.

    I cannot even charge the car to 300 mile range.

    The car has been to Stratstone at Stockton and certified to be within Jaguars operation parameters

    Mystified and Aghaust(sic) at the poor range of the car. Can anyone help please

    Ralph Doy

    - should be 'Ralph Doh! I bought an I-Pace'.

    Maybe it is Ralph, and he's trying out material for his new career as a standup comedian on the Munich/Salzburg circuit from September this year, once he's collected his £100m pension pot from UK taxpayers, er, 'JLR'.

    Ralph: Meine Damen und Herren, have you heard the one about the '300 miles Gamechanger and Porsche-killer from a funny littlle place called The United Kingdom?'

    Or the 'Campus' that employs '13,000 engineers' but can't make software for a bought-in, off the shelf infotainment system work after 4 years?

    Or a ridiculous man called Clarkson, who grown men in England call the Messiah, and don't realise he's paid millions by my old company and the UK establishment to brainwash these bedwetters with his 'Get a Jaaaaaag', 'Get a McLaren' etc routine?

    He'll have the millionaire geriatric burghers of Tegernsee and Salzburg rolling in the aisles, how good old Ralf took the Englanders for millions and millions, with his funny little German with a Charlie Chaplin moustache routine.

    PS maybe 'Mystified and Agha(u)st' should be JLR customers' motto?

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    Usually with such an above post on ipaceforums.co.uk, the duty shills/'I-pace owners' would be slapping down and shutting down such truth about the I-Pace within minutes, certainly an hour, but now, post the I-Pace's mauling in Norway and elsewhere by the T'urd and Model 3, nothing from:

    - 'Chewy'
    -' Goshdarnit'
    - 'nipri'




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