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    Quote Originally Posted by BMVIrep View Post
    The I-Pace is not only singlehandedly responsible for deforestation, due to its need for fault report printouts, but the bumbling Brummies and Bombay IT gurus have managed to make it twice as sh!t as it was:


    I suppose that's what they meant by Game-changer - 'we changed the rules whereby 99.9% of cars get better with development and time'.

    Amazing what this wondrous fusion of British and Indian cultures has achieved, first the Opium trade and wars, where millions were made dopey in order to steal their silver, porcelain and valuable tea, and now thousands of 'early adopters' have been made dopey by the media in order to steal their bank accounts and retirement funds.
    I'm 100% sure that JLR went with an aggressive/liberal charging/discharging calibration, so that early adopters, press cars, reviews, etc got the most range/charging speed possible.

    But knowing that this will quickly brick the battery if done repeatedly, they are either walking back to more conservative calibration, and/or had it built in that after the first 50 or so charge cycles the battery management changes to more conservative settings.

    I.E. A car that gets worse with every calibration revision vs Tesla's which always get better with OTA updates.
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    Sneaky bar stewards:

    On collecting the car I reset the estimated range and range went down by 35km. In addition charged to 100% and max range peaked at 435km. In January in middle of winter I was seeing 465km with SOC 100% and the range estimate reset. In all the time I have had the car (delivered October 18) a reset of the range estimate has always resulted in a range increase. Seeing it now go down twice, makes me wonder if the battery fault and less range are related.

    - the lawyers have informed Speth and co. that unless they do this 'soft fraud rowback', they will have a tsunami of law suits, probably a class action in the US.

    '435' is still a joke, around 100 km off real, but they think will be enough to swing any court cases with a friendly/bought UK/US judge.

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    Cheeky fecker:

    Shortcomings in the UK’s charging infrastructure are increasingly holding back drivers from switching to electric vehicles (EVs), according to Jaguar's UK managing director, Rawdon Glover.

    The WCotY Game-changer doesn't work with most/all of the older DC chargers, so put out this press release through your mouthpiece that 'it's all the chargers fault'.

    It betrays panic. Glover knows that the PR front ipaceforums.co.uk is riddled with complaints about non-charging, and many owners threatening to return their cars, and probably incipient law suits/class-action suits already in the US, maybe Norway, Holland... too.

    So get your retaliation in first.

    Growing interest among new car buyers in EVs has led to Jaguar I-Pace sales doubling year-on-year and enquiry levels continuing to out-index those of combustion-engined models.
    - is this the best a £1m/yr salesman and his mates at 'top media company' Haymarket can come up with?

    The I-Pace wasn't being delivered this time last year, so the first part is just a flat-out lie. The second is gobbledy-gook, designed to impress and obfuscate - translated: 'no one's buying our diesel handbags, so 1 I-Pace sale is infintely more'.

    We're enjoying our position of leadership with the product and flexible to finding ways to get our customers in the car. But once they have made the leap, it's critical the infrastructure around them supports the experience.”
    - what Stalin and his kind called the Big Lie - keep repeating something so outrageous that no one dares or contemplates challenging it. So, 180 miles range, 40-80 kW 'fast' charging and more bugs than David Bellamy's beard, is whitewashed with this statement of 'fact'.

    Desperate stuff even for the Shysters.




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