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    Poor Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, VW, et al....

    As they struggle to get to 235mi EPA range, Tesla just released 370mi (sedan) and 325mi (7-seat full size SUV) EVs.

    All capable of charging at 200KW on Supercharger v3 and 145KW on supercharger V2.

    It is amazing. Model S is 7 years old, and the Europeans can't match it even in powerpoint, let alone vehicles on the road.
    Hailing from: New England, USA
    Jaguar XF Ownership History: 2009 XF-SC(SV8), 2010 XFR, 2012 V8 Portfolio
    Looking For: Good Handling/Light Jaguar Sports Car and Off-Road Capable Land Rover

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    Oh, and before anyone brings Porsche into the equation, let me post the 0-60MPH figures for Tesla's family sedan (try comparing that to Porsche's all out sports car - the 911 and even $1M 918).

    Model S 0-60 mph:

    Standard Range - 4.0 seconds (new)
    Long Range - 3.7 seconds (was 4.2 seconds)
    Performance - 3.0 seconds (was 3.3 seconds)
    Performance Ludicrous - 2.4 seconds (same)
    Hailing from: New England, USA
    Jaguar XF Ownership History: 2009 XF-SC(SV8), 2010 XFR, 2012 V8 Portfolio
    Looking For: Good Handling/Light Jaguar Sports Car and Off-Road Capable Land Rover

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    Fake range? No
    Promised fast charging? Yes
    Bug-riddled? No
    Satisfied, genuine customers? Yes

    Wonderfully pleased! Range / consumption meets, seems to be as good or better than cars with significantly higher EPA ratings. Easy to drive 400 km. now that it is warmer in the weather. Charging is very impressive, but the charger flat of 50kW from 0-100% on regular fast chargers is almost as useful. Plus for the battery not being drained when the car is parked eg. on a cabin without electricity. Recovery is very effective, also like predictive ACC. Matrix LED Light is a revelation! Would also choose the adaptive wipers with integrated washer nozzles again. Otherwise, the navigation is very well-functioning. Great to get route choices and waypoints. Surprisingly good space under the boot floor and good solutions for cargo securing. The car is perceived as practical. Would choose 20-inch wheels in winter again, but not more in summer.
    What do I think is positive:
    - Very good comfort. Even on really bad roads.
    -Amazing as few other cars.
    - seems much easier than it actually is. Would tip 17-1800kg and not 2.6 tonnes out from the driving feeling.
    - The performances are surprisingly good and more than good enough. Before I tried the car I thought maybe they could be too slow for me, but instead they positively surprised
    -the range surprised positively. Consumption figures in themselves are often higher than, for example, Tesla's meters, but it is because e-tron's consumption meter takes with heat loss and such and the range is what counts rather than consumption and it surprises positively.
    -The fast charger very quickly.
    The battery is not drained during long periods of standing without being plugged into a charger.
    - The car has extreme grip and can be driven very fast with a great sense of security for the driver and passengers.
    -place - got two big airbags in the width of the trunk. By comparison, I did not get into a rental car e-class sedan.
    -service at the dealer.
    - Feels like a very versatile premium utility car for your money.

    What do I think is negative:
    -Wait to open the bonnet as you have to enter the car to pull the lever. In addition, it is unnecessary with extra inner cover to open to the front.
    the motors could have been completely quiet and not be heard in the cabin, it is not troublesome, but it nevertheless takes on as something I would imagine to be without it.
    software issues on my concrete car that needs updating. Applies to what I have heard about 10-20 cars of 1000. Have got a loan car so are satisfied by the circumstances.
    - The camera mirrors should be avoided. They are bad.
    - it could have been even more exclusive quality in the decor, eg at the top of the side doors there could be the possibility of the nappa leather.
    - the trailer hitch could be electrically swiveled instead of manually removable.
    Since I have a Edition One (run 2000km). It is only orange calipers and alarm I would have chosen. Otherwise, most of it is to my liking, 21 "wheels, B&O facilities, black interior roof cover, panoramic stroke, virtual mirrors, electric seats, exclusive interior package, full-flush, glass switches, electric seats with memory. Agree with those who are satisfied with 150kW charging.

    Could probably have added 360 degree view if I could add something.

    When it comes to the virtual mirrors, it's just a matter of habit, and they're not bad as they are mentioned further up. Took some time, but now it's just fine. Adjusted the brightness slightly. They have virtually no angle of death.

    Took some time before I found out how to turn off automatic speed limitation in the ACC with sign recognition. It automatically sets the speed to the current speed limit now it detects a new sign with lower speed. I want to control this myself.

    All in all, very happy, but rather running MC when I can.

    - chalk and cheese to the Game-changer, Tesla-killer, World Car of the Year - which of course is why the media creeps made it so.

    PS the >12 hours AC charging fault seems to have been sorted already - referred to above




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