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Thread: My second XF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelboss View Post
    no did it myself, Decent snow foam, then washed with built hamber, polished and to finish a quick spray with poorboys detailed. Start to finish 45mins.
    Polished? Did you really polish a brand new car, or do you mean you gave it wax or some other protection? And 45 minutes! That's really quick. But of course, the car wasn't exactly dirty or have bad paint. It looks really great. I think, I'll be looking for something like that, once Jaguar gets some petrol engines.
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    Coming from 3.0, does the car feel underpowered?

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    I had a 2.0 (the 163PS) last week when mine was in for a service. It felt tardy at low speed, so much so that I ended up putting my foot down much harder than usual and I span the wheels on the way out of the dealer's car park. It sounded like a tractor at standstill and was underpowered on the getaway from the lights, but I suspect it would have been absolutely fine cruising at 60-80 all day long. It was basic spec too, not a portfolio, so the dash wasn't nicely covered but otherwise the interior wasn't too bad.
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    It does feel a little underpowered driving hard when dropping from the 3.0 But real world driving makes absolutely no difference at all.
    Let's all face it, have you seen the massive yellow cameras being put out on the new smart motorways, M1 fair few and passed new ones today on M5. Ignore them and you run the risk of a ban.

    Fuel economy is a little better, little louder on tickover but




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