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    Quote Originally Posted by BMVIrep View Post
    Did you miss the point about thee current booming sector, small/compact SUVs/crossovers?

    250,000 X1 annual sales?
    It is not just compact SUVs that are booming. The entire SUV market is booming. In America it is actually the large SUVs that are generating tons of profits, and China is just getting started with its SUV love affair.

    Jaguar just went from ZERO SUVs to one perfectly sized one. That is huge.

    If you want to discuss the size or any other aspects of the F-Pace please do it on the following thread:

    This one is to discuss the F-Pace roll/over engine smoke out at Goodwood.
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    Ahhh, painful to see those pictures, such a new car, busted up. Not a track car, really...




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