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Hi there,
I'm rebuilding a AJ126 motor from a 2016 XFS 3.0 petrol Jaguar. I have a problem with setting up the timing for the fuel pump.
The workshop manual states:
1, Make sure the crankshaft is at the timed position (I'm using the timing tool JLR-303-1303) lock the crankshaft with the tool.
2, Install the lower timing chain making sure the colored chain links align correctly with the fuel rail high-pressure fuel pumps camshaft, balance weight and crankshaft sprocket markings.
3, Remove the special tool.(JLR-303-1303)
4, Carefully adjust the crankshaft position to allow correct installation of the special tool. (JLR-303-1621)
5, If the crankshaft timing tool cannot be installed, adjustment of the fuel pump camshaft timing will be required.
So far so good, but the fuel pump alignment tool will would fit, it's out by about 1 1/2 teeth on the crank sprocket or fuel pump camshaft sprocket. The only way to make an adjustment is to more the chain over a tooth on the sprocket. Ok, but which sprocket? I guess the fuel pump sprocket but the manual dose not state.
I have some videos showing the problem if you wish to see or help. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-hyNck2Wbr1eJjP81FrdxA

I'm also looking for a suppler in the UK or EU for main bearing and rod bolts.

Thanks and happen driving

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