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Details of our 20" alloy wheels, these wheels are lighter, stonger and wider meaning they look better, ride better and handle better than original Jaguar 20" wheels.

Please get in touch by private message, e-mail at [email protected] or phone us on 0800 7565347 if interested. Please post questions on this thread if you have any.

20” Pro Race Wheel

Our 20” Pro Race wheel is manufactured in the UK exclusively for us and is a member of a range of special heat treated alloy wheels, combining high strength with reduced weight.

The wheel saves 1kg compared to a standard Jaguar 20” wheel keeping un-sprung weight to a minimum ensuring optimum ride comfort. The 9J width increases the tyre’s cornering stiffness allowing for more responsive steering and boosts ultimate grip without sacrificing ride quality. This also measn they fill the arches much better than original wheels improving the XF's stance.

Jaguar uses a hub-centric method of wheel mounting which allows for high strength but can be sensitive to vibration. Our wheel is cast and machined to original Jaguar mounting specifications for the centre spigot and wheel offset to eliminate this problem.

The wheels are designed to use the original Jaguar XF centre cap for an OE look and are available in standard glitter silver with other finishes available. They are fully compatible with the Jaguar TPMS system.


• Style: Pro Race
• Fitment: Jaguar XF and XJ 03MY
• Size: 20” x 9J
• Hub cap: OE Jaguar
• TPMS valve: Compatible

We recommend using Jaguar OE specification Dunlop Sport Maxx 255/35 R20 tyres available through your Jaguar dealer.

The pricing structure is a 15% discount to forum members.

20" Wheels
After 15% discount: £1011.5 + VAT = £1213.8

To qualify for the discount you must have made at least one post on the forum.

Finshes available:

Standard Glitter Silver:

Hi-Power SIlver:

Aqua Silver:

Brown Silver (Anthracite):

And er, Brown (not sure why they gave us a wheel this colour, shows what is possible though):

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