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    Hi, Im currently looking around to insure my soon to be purchased XF and having a real struggle to understand the logic behind insurance quotes..... other than there is none

    I currently have a £60k Audi A6 Avant, 3.0 BiTDI quattro (313PS) Black Edition and pay £316 with Aviva
    Im 33, 7 Years NCD, Wife (who will only drive the car if I have had a drink) over 15 years NCD, and relatively lost risk postcode apparently according to Aviva. I do 20k miles but mostly outside the 'heavy traffic' periods, what that has to do with it I have no idea.

    Buying a £25k XF D S (275PS) and Aviva want to double my premium and double my excess - the plonker on the other end of the phone said it was to do with the 'Power to Weight ratio, Sir'.
    Jaguars own insurance (Original Insurance) wanted to charge me £1500

    3 comparison sites down and the best is Esure with £388 with £250 excess. Spoke to Aviva and they wont even shift on the price saying there is an insurance marker on Jaguar XF's hence the price increase and my excess going to £650!

    Thanks for your feedback Cliff regarding the experience with Esure, it has certainly made feel a little more confident going with them.

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    Hi Samf i was sent a renewal by LV £655 been with them for 3 years ,last year £500 for a 2.2 xf sport now have swapped for a 3.00 R-sport 8 years ncd low risk post code,went on compare website now with Esure £392

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    Try 1st Central, have 2 cars with them, ours was £228 for the XF and £168 for my work Laguna My XKR is only£173 - Churchill (Oh yes!)
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    I am 69 years old, full no claims, no points, and do about 9000mls max per annum. I have fully comp insurance from Churchill for £181.26. Admittedly, no protected NCD, nor legal cover.
    MY 2014 2.2L Luxury in Dark Sapphire/Barley

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    Get the advanced driving course passed. Then get insured with IAM Surety. can knock off £200 from a comparison website with ease. Or keep your renewals practically the same the next year even with a Theft claim on there. Good bunch of people to deal with too.

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    The golden rules as far as I'm concerned are:

    1. Always go with a reputable and well known insurance company (too many stories of people losing out when taking out cheap insurance and subsequently claiming)
    2. Always scour the market at renewal time to get the cheapest quote (every single insurance company will up the premium for a renewal quote & many companies discount their prices to get new business)
    3. Never take out no claims protection (because the protection protects the NCD it doesn't protect the premium which will always increase when renewing after a claim)
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    47, clean license, max fully protected no claims, 15000 miles with business use, fully comp but with a £500 excess just over £600. I know from experience one of the biggest factors is postcode and I am in one of the worse due to personal injury scams.
    I did shop around and could not find cheaper.



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