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  1. About to buy: '09 XFR

    Welcome to the Jaguar XF Forum
    Hi guys, Very soon I will be buying an XFR, in a very lovely spec. Was wondering if I could pose some questions? Firstly, I have a Samsung S10+, and want to be able to use as much of it as I can hands-free. Is the best I can do the Bovee thingy that goes in the armrest? Secondly, what are...
  2. A picture of my BEAST!

    The Forum Showroom
    Here's a picture of my car finally finished off as an XF RS after having it lowered by spires. Just a picture off my phone, high resolution pictures coming soon, already has stone chips after enjoying the welsh roads over the weekend. :-D
  3. XFR with Spires exhaust going South through the Hindhead tunnel in Surrey

    All about the Jaguar XF R
    For anyone interested in the noise that Spires can create from the XFR, the Hindhead tunnel (1 mile on enclosed space) gives the ideal background for a good blast. Bearing in mind that it is an Average speed camera zone, so more short bouts of acceleration rather than a full bore blast...
  4. What do you think of the "new" XFR Competition?

    Other Car Chat
    The main competitors to the XFR will soon be twin-turbo, 550+HP/500+TQ, 7-speed fast shifters, and loaded with sophisticated, safety, entertainment and navigation features. Both have about a 20% improvement in fuel consumption (in gvmt tests, at least), while providing more power. If only they...
  5. Jaguar: A look into the Cat's Future (a two part series from Autoblog)

    XF Magazine - Other motoring related news
    Last week was a week of good/exciting news for Jaguar. In addition to greatly improved US Sales, the announcement on the CX-75 go-ahead for limited production, Jaguar is getting attention from journalists around the globe. Most of it is based on Jaguar invitation/hosting of jounalists at...