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  1. Welcome to the Jaguar XF Forum
    Hi all, I've been reading through the forums and got some general opinions, but some of the comparisons are older than others, so in the world we currently live in, I thought I'd ask afresh. In a quarter-life crisis, I'm considering changing my current Mazda MX5 Mk3 for something interesting...
  2. Technical Discussion. Limited to regular posters.
    Good day, Is it possible to remove the TV box of an XF SV8? Or disable the TV function? I am asking as Bulgaria moved to Mpeg 4 DVB, which is unsupported by the TV and there will be just two more months of analogue transmission. And there are far too many Sources.
  3. Technical Discussion. Limited to regular posters.
    Hi All, Well I picked up something on the weekend that's worth warning others over. I'd lifted the bonnet under the pretence of checking oil (actually it was to gawp at and grin at the engine), when I noticed that one of my coolant hoses was chafing against the fan cowl at the back of the...
1-3 of 3 Results