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  1. XF Discussion
    Hi on short trip I noticed, that the timing was exaggerated; checking the map I've learned, that the route is extended after my home address (ref. star on photo). I checked the home address deleted it and re-entered without luck. The issue is sticky! I activate the route by touching "go home"...
  2. XF Discussion
    Just recently I have had a problem with my sat nav on longer journeys. It it is fine for about an hour, works as it should, but sometimes, after an hour and especially if I don't follow the exact route, it 'loses the route'. When I re enter the route (when the fault occurs the sat nav also...
  3. My Jaguar XF
    For the last few weeks the display on my satnav has started to flicker with the black areas turning blue. This is worse at the bottom of the screen but is slowly moving up. The effect is like the screen filling with blue water. Otherwise the satnav works OK. The display on all other features...
1-3 of 3 Results