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  1. The Forum Showroom
    Hello one and all This is my latest proud possession and new pet. Picked it up last week and absolutely chuffed to bits and glad it has the rear view parking camera and 20" wheels! This photo is pulled from the dealers website before I bought it - intrigued they posted it with dirty wheels...
  2. General XF Discussion
    Can someone please point out the difference in XF models, where I live, we have: - Luxury 3.0 in V6 petrol only - Premium Luxury in 3.0 V6 petrol and 4.2 petrol V8 - Portfolio in 4.2 petrol V8 and SV8 What's the main difference in the Premium Luxury and the Portfolio (apart from engine options)
  3. My Jaguar XF
    My new MY2012 XF S Portfolio arrived today, a few weeks earlier than scheduled. So it was time to trade in my much loved Pearl Grey MY2010 (pitcured on the right at the dealership) and take away the wonderfully aggressive looking Cashmere MY2012 XF S Portfolio. So far absolutely loving all the...