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  1. XF Sportbrake
    This is my new Jag. :) It lacks the umph that the supercharger in the SV8 could deliver but the tiny thirst really makes up for it as I use it as a daily driver. Its equipped with the 200hp 2.2 diesel and the power is quite enough, the only thing im not a fan of is the rough feeling on low...
  2. XF Discussion
    I'll be taking delivery in September and plan to drive straight towards The New Forest for a weekend away. When you took delivery of your XF did you go straight home or did you go for a long drive, or something else?
  3. XF Discussion
    I'm looking at a specced up Diesel PL which looks more like a Portfolio - including 20" 'Senta' Alloys. Obviously they look good, but I have been told that these might compromise ride and handling in this model. Anyone have a similar spec and can put my mind at rest? Cheers, Ed
1-3 of 3 Results