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  1. Replacement windscreen wipers (Avoid Aerovu from Ace Parts)

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    My windscreen wipers needed replacing on my 09 Jaguar XF. I bought some from eBay, they came in pairs 19" and 21" blades. the 21" fits fine,the 19" doesn't. I contacted the seller, she said she had recently become aware of a problem with these and refunded me in full, I didn't even have to...
  2. New here but 3rd Jag

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    Hi all, just got our 3rd Jag but 1st XF, previously had two 3.0 Petrol S types, but what a difference a few years of technology make. The new one is 3.0S Diesel, excellent performance great technical spec and brilliant Bowers & Wilkins Hifi, (yes hifi! it's more than a stereo). Will upload more...
  3. My Xf s mpg

    General XF Discussion
    Hi there Happily bought a 2010 XF S 3.0 TT PF last month with 16,000 miles on the clock and need to ask, do i have a problem or is 37mpg acceptable? For example previously I had a remapped BMW 330D boosted to 284BHP and on an say rapid journey from Glasgow to Inverness would give 39.7 MPG...
  4. Jaguar Land Rover today opened its first assembly plant in India

    From the Horse's(Should be the Cat's) Mouth
    27 May 2011 Jaguar Land Rover today officially opens its first assembly plant in India. The facility at Pune in the Maharashtra region of India, will assemble Land Rover Freelander 2 vehicles supplied in Complete Knock Down (CKD) form from Jaguar Land Rover's Halewood manufacturing plant in...
  5. Lindner Jaguar and other famous Jaguars to appear at Shelsley Walsh, Nr Worcester

    XF Magazine - Other motoring related news
    On June 4th and 5th there is going to be a great gathering of Jaguars and their owners at Shelsley Walsh near Worcester, to celebrate 50 years of the E-type and 60 years of the C-type, Jaguar’s first Le Mans winner. Jaguar Clubs will be there in force with examples of the Coventry maker’s...
  6. True horsepower: Jockey club and jaguar agree groundbreaking commercial partnership

    From the Horse's(Should be the Cat's) Mouth
    The Jockey Club, the largest commercial group in British horseracing, today announced that it has entered into a commercial partnership agreement with Jaguar for the automotive brand to become its first ever Official Partner. At the heart of the UK’s second most attended sport for more than...
  7. Lunch at Le Mans , Meet the Builders, See the car, the Jaguar XJ 220 then Buy the book.

    XF Magazine - Other motoring related news
    If you are in France for Le Mans you might like to know that Mike Moreton, author of 'Jaguar XJ220 - The Inside Story' published by Veloce, is hosting a gathering of Jaguar enthusiasts to celebrate the recent publication of his fascinating book. A fine buffet lunch and wines will be served...
  8. For sale - Jaguar Announce They Are To build CX - 75 Hybrid Supercar

    From the Horse's(Should be the Cat's) Mouth
    Jaguar can today confirm that it will launch the remarkable C-X75 concept car as an exclusive hybrid supercar. Jaguar C-X75 will become the British marque's most advanced model to date. It will offer performance on a par with the fastest production cars on the market, while adopting...
  9. Why the New 2012 Jaguar 2.2 Model Will Sell Like No Other Jaguar XF

    XF Magazine - Other motoring related news
    Click image for report Jaguar launches integrated campaign for new Jaguar XF2.2D A campaign has launched for Jaguar’s new XF2.2D, targeting business professionals and SME businesses. Bristol agency EMO has created the integrated campaign for Jaguar, with 58,000 qualified SME business...