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  1. What iPhone 4 case works with docking cable?

    Hello I've tried searching the forums but if I've missed something then feel free to brand me with the dullard flag and send me on my way. My problem is connecting my iPhone to the cable in the arm-rest. I have an Apple Bumper Case for the phone which is great because it's unobtrusive but the...
  2. XF + iPhone + Spotify

    Technical Discussion. Limited to regular posters.
    Hi Has anyone managed to find a magic potion that lets you override the iPod setting via the device using the iPod/iPhone input? i.e. I play most of my music from Spotify but when I try to play it from the iPhone, the Jag system tries to override it with music from iTunes - it pauses Spotify...
  3. Iphones and iPod connectivity & other XF Bluetooth Issues

    Technical Discussion. Limited to regular posters.
    Hi Does anyone know if there is a bluetooth software upgrade available from Jaguar. Most of the new smartphones are not compatible with my 58 plate XF SV8. Unfortunately I found this out after I upgraded my 'phone to a HTC HD2. It is not the 'phone that is the problem, its something to do with...