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  1. XF Discussion
    Imagine my surprise this morning when the fine motor carriage let me down for the first time in 3 years of ownership and refused to budge out of P... Managed to get the kids back out, hustle 1 round to nursery and the other just managed to get the bus to school. So, I am guessing gear selector...
  2. Technical Discussion. Limited to regular posters.
    The new Model XF has an 8 speed gearbox across the whole range, is it a success? I have read that the 2.2D that drivers are having issues about the gearbox at low revs. It could be that the Driver is not used to the new 8 speed gearbox or on the British roads and having speeds in MPH are not...
  3. My Jaguar XF
    Hi All, I have a new 2.2 XF whose gearbox strives to keep the engine RPM down as low as possible - probably fine for economy but it often gets caught out and causes the engine and drive train to shudder when you apply power (however gently) when around 1100 RPM, this is not very civilised and...
1-3 of 3 Results