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  1. Any low annual mileage diesel XF owners out there ?

    General XF Discussion
    I ask because an XF Sportbrake would be just the thing for me (married, 2 kids, getting a bike in an XF is possible but a faff), but as I do 10k miles/year, and don't do a long journey for 3 - 4 weeks at a time, I imagine having a diesel would cause me great heartache and wallet pain with the...
  2. 2010 3.0D S Portfolio in Black - My Proud Possession

    The Forum Showroom
    Hello one and all This is my latest proud possession and new pet. Picked it up last week and absolutely chuffed to bits and glad it has the rear view parking camera and 20" wheels! This photo is pulled from the dealers website before I bought it - intrigued they posted it with dirty wheels...
  3. Picking up my 4th XF this Saturday!

    My Jaguar XF
    Hi All, I haven't been on here that much for the last year or so due to numerous reasons, bad health (mine and the cat!) I finally bit the bullet back in June and ordered a Polaris White 3.0 Diesel S Premium Luxury facelift and have been dreading seeing the car and saying goodbye to my Radiance...