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    Does anyone get any sort of notification from their iPhone when receiving a text message and the phone is connected to the bluetooth in the car? I had an iPhone 4s and have now changed to a 5s and whenever I receive a text message, there's no notification through the system to let me know - the...
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    I have observed that each time the car detects my phone and pairs (set to auto on my phone), I have to manually enable the caller announce option, and it always defaults to NO rather than YES. Each time after pairing, it takes a few menus to reach the option and I click on YES. Is there any way...
  3. Technical Discussion. Limited to regular posters.
    Hi Does anyone know if there is a bluetooth software upgrade available from Jaguar. Most of the new smartphones are not compatible with my 58 plate XF SV8. Unfortunately I found this out after I upgraded my 'phone to a HTC HD2. It is not the 'phone that is the problem, its something to do with...
1-3 of 3 Results