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  1. Welcome to the Jaguar XF Forum
    After renewing the battery and restoring the keys, after 2 months my XF (x250 3.0 SC AWD) started throwing up a number of warnings: A battery warning message Eco stop inhibited message Wheel tyers pressure system fault, and Locked gas tank cover (it is not worning). The workshop was sad that...
  2. Welcome to the Jaguar XF Forum
    Hopefully the following info/situation will serve someone on this forum with a better understanding of their Battery Not Charging issue. Had the above msg appear, battery tested fine at 14.8 output whilst idling. Slightly higher than expected parameters . Alternator replaced with Lucas unit...
  3. Welcome to the Jaguar XF Forum
    Hi all. I was wondering if anybody could help me on this matter. My car has just come out of the main dealers after being in there for nearly 5 weeks due to the car needing a new CJB (£1500) and a new alternator (£1200) Originally I had a message pop up whilst I was driving to say that the...
1-3 of 3 Results