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  1. Technical Discussion. Limited to regular posters.
    Hi guys, I wanted to share my story in case someone else has the same symptoms and it can save rhem a few £££. I bought the XF from my farher in law 5 months ago. Love the car. Such a smooth ride and that gear box is something else. I went to leave work one evening, the car turned over, ran...
  2. My Jaguar XF
    Hi Folks Driving Audis for last 15yrs, time for a change just ordered 2.2 lux 19"s sunroof,spoiler, after 2 yrs in an a5 sportback s line, no option for anything bar a spoiler, any and all suggestions or help greatly appreciated:D
  3. My Jaguar XF
    Hi All, I have a new 2.2 XF whose gearbox strives to keep the engine RPM down as low as possible - probably fine for economy but it often gets caught out and causes the engine and drive train to shudder when you apply power (however gently) when around 1100 RPM, this is not very civilised and...
  4. Technical Discussion. Limited to regular posters.
    Hi, I have an XF 2.2 with a hundred miles on the clock - I am hearing a noise at light engine loads that sounds for all the world like a higher pitched and fainter version of the tappet noise you would get in an old banger from the 60's. Does anyone else have noise like this - its not at all...
  5. My Jaguar XF
    I've taken Marco's excellent suggestion on board and stated a new thread. I'll try to post only items that are specific to the 2.2, that I discover as I drive it, which will be useful to members
  6. XF Magazine - Other motoring related news
    Click image for report Jaguar launches integrated campaign for new Jaguar XF2.2D A campaign has launched for Jaguar’s new XF2.2D, targeting business professionals and SME businesses. Bristol agency EMO has created the integrated campaign for Jaguar, with 58,000 qualified SME business...
1-6 of 6 Results