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Welcome to the Jaguar XF Forum

If you have just arrived here and want to say hello this is the place to do it.
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General XF Discussion

Discuss All things Jaguar XF - news, reviews, photos and questions
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Thinking about buying an XF? Ask a question here.

If you are thinking about buying a Jaguar XF, or indeed any of the new models, XK XJ, ask a question here. Models, Prices, Discounts, Insurance, whatever is on your mind just ask.
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The Forum Showroom

Post pictures of your Jaguar here. Thousands visit us hoping to see the range of colours available. Please post a picture or two of your car and please say which colour it is.
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Jaguar Cars UK

Jaguar Experts representing Customer Relationship Centre ---- Please note that although Jaguar Land Rover will try to assist you with your issue, we are unable to provide any direct technical advice. This account will be available between 0900 and 17:00 hours Monday – Friday. If it is outside of this time, and you require assistance, please feel free to drop us a Private Message, if you have the facility, or to email us just press leaper image below.
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Insurance Section

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‘Adrian Flux Insurance Services’

Club-discounted bespoke enthusiasts insurance from Adrian Flux.  One of the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance intermediaries
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Chris Knott Insurance

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Jaguar F-Pace

News and comment on the new Jaguar SUV
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News about the forthcoming New Jaguar XF

Post here any information on the replacement XF due in 2016
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Jaguar E-Pace

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Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar’s First Electric Car

Post here news of the Jaguar I-Pace.
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Vendor Deals

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Spires Specialist Jaguar Tuning

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My Jaguar XF

Post photos, reviews and ownership diaries of your Jaguar XF
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Jaguar F Type

All about the new Jaguar F Type
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XF Sportbrake

News and views about the new Estate Car
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All about the Jaguar XJ

The forum For XJ Owners
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All about the Jaguar XK

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Technical Discussion. Limited to regular posters.

In order to assist searchers please ensure that only one technical issue is referred to in a topic and that the title clearly reflects it. Note technical forums are available to regularly posting members only and only after posting an introduction here : http://www.xfforum.co.uk/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=12.
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My Modified Jaguar XF

Post here the details of any modification that you have applied to your XF? Available to regularly posting members only.
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XF Tips and Tricks

Got some useful advice to help us make the most of the Jaguar XF - share it here. Available to regularly posting members only.
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Jaguar XE

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Jaguar and other Car News

From the Horse's(Should be the Cat's) Mouth

Press release information direct from Jaguar and Land Rover
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XF Magazine - Other motoring related news

Press releases detailing the news from other car makers and the motoring world generally.
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Other interesting matters

Other Car Chat

Discuss any other car makes and models
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Car Care & Detailing

Discuss the best way to keep your XF looking great
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Insuring your Jaguar

Have a need for insurance ? This is the forum to visit and discuss all insurance matters.
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