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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave1 View Post
    Baron, you are probably right, but have you checked out those F-Pace SVR Nürburgring videos on youtube? Those mules are definitely NOT supercharged, what do you make of that?
    I haven't seen nor heard them running. If I were doing a performance F-Pace, given what Jaguar has in its parts bin, I would probably drop in the 300PS Ingenium petrol, and go beg someone to give me a hybrid assist system to plug into it to get rid of the inevitable and giant turbo lag.

    I'm convinced that Jaguar has no competence to deliver a turbo engine with acceptable lag. That is probably the reason for the interminable delay in launching the Ingenium petrol. Diesel car buyers will put up with any crap, since they are used to tractor engines. But petrol/performance oriented buyers won't. Particularly in America. Lag will kill any car, except for the ricers - for the same reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baron95 View Post
    Define "fit".

    Can you shoehorn it in there? Sure. Can you install in a way that will not completely ruin the car's handling? No. That 5.0 lump is old, heavy, supper tall, doesn't rev fast, doesn't rev high. It does not belong in any modern car, let alone a small sedan.

    That was an OK engine (barely) when I got my XFR MY 2010. For a MY2018 car to be using the same engine it is asinine.
    Of course it fits. The V6 fits. The V8 would sit in the same place and have a slightly more favourable (by your weird standards) weight distribution because all the extra weight of the V8 would fit behind the front axle.

    If you build a good enough engine to begin with, and jaguar did, it doesn't matter how old it might be. You also have weird ideas about what makes for a good road engine. And good road brakes. And good road steering. Maybe go back to your jeep board where perhaps your opinions might have some relevance to the driving experience.
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    Jag XE SV

    MG SV-R

    JLR is following uncannily the same trajectory as MG-Rover.

    The only question that remains is who besides Speth is JLR's 'Phoenix Four'?

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    So what happened to the actual M3, C63, RS4, Guilia QV... XE competitor, promised by Autocar and JLR's other media pets since forever? (story goes back 3 years)

    JLR is going down the same route as the borderline criminal MG-Rover gang. Promise the world, deliver tat. Massively overpriced tat. Plan a sharp exit.

    This irrelevance, diversion, desperation, the 'Project 8', and the already considered a standing joke, new £70,000 4-cylinder Discovery, mark the outing of JLR to even the most fervent fanboys, as just another typical British ripoff, like British Aerospace's tarting up of the ancient original Range Rover in the early 90s, Egan's smoke and mirrors 'renaissance' of Jaguar in the 80s, and of course the Phoenix Four's looting of the remnants of Austin-Morris and BMW's dowry.

    3 years on, thanks to the internet, we can also now see the blatant lies peddled by JLR's fanboys/shills/paid trolls, who back in 2014 still had the ear of some dupes, to Jaguar's magnificent future, under 'the hugely investing Tata'. Have a laugh (from Auto Express comments):

    The Motoring World
    mb3 years ago

    'There will be Four distinct XE models all realeased over an 18-24 month period, also during this time, a new XJ, XF, XFSB, XFC, SUV and another all new model will be launched.

    Jaguar is still a small company, but they are delivering cars like a bigger company, all of which have proved to be huge success stories. The new ones will carry that forward.'
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    Any guesses how much this 'Project 8 quid spent at Halfords' XE will weigh?

    Mine is 2,000 kg, with driver and full fuel tank.

    The irony of such a cumbersome pig with its ancient supercharged V8 stuck over its front axle, seems to be lost on porky pig himself, Matt Saunders, of Autocar:

    'For starters, it’ll take weight out of the car — right where it needs to come out, over the front axle.'

    - is he talking about JLR's promised since 2013 new Ingenium family V8? No. The German Mercedes-AMG 4-litre V8 in an Aston Martin:

    Why is that Saunders can laud such a move in an Aston, but never calls out the pig iron sat over all 'top' JLR front axles since God was a little boy?

    Is it because Haymarket owns Autocar, and JLR pay Haymarket for PR activities?




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