: Seats in Luxury

24-06-10, 07:29
I know that the subject of seat comfort has been done to death on this forum, but I have to issue a word of warning with regards to the seats in Luxury spec cars. I've had mine just over a month and have got to a point with it where the driver's seat is driving me nuts. I simply cannot get comfortable. As has been stated before there is a bar that runs across the bottom of the seat back which is line with the base of the spine. I haven't yet found a seat position where this doesn't dig in. I thought that this could just be a problem of the leather being new and a seam running across the areas which meets the back, but I think the issue is deeper inside the seat.

I appreciate that this issue could well be specific to me. My wife doesn't have a problems with it, nor have a couple of colleagues who have also sat in the car (although not driven it). The bottom (excuse the pun) line though is that I drive it every day and can't get comfortable. It doesn't give me back ache, it just digs in. I've never suffered from any back problems, neither have I ever had an issue with a car seat before. In terms of build, I guess I'm a pretty average 5'10" and 14.5 stones.

I'm at a point where, much as I love everything else about the car, I wish I hadn't bought it. It really is as bad as that.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to remedy this problem? Are there any adjustments that can be made to the seat itself? Could the seats be swapped?

I would seriously caution any potential XF drivers to make absolutely sure that they are happy with the seats before placing their orders. It's a lot of money to spend on something which you can't get comfortable in.

24-06-10, 08:59
Bit of a worry. I went back for a second test as I thought the seats were so poor, and decided I could live with them. Difficult to tell on a short experience.

I don't recall a "bar", merely they were totally unsupportive both lumbar and laterally. How they could have put such chronic seats in such a good car beggars belief.

I do suffer from back problems (major surgery a while back) and truly hope they don't pose such a big problem for me.

Collecting the car this afternoon.

24-06-10, 09:53
I was not happy with the std seats on a test drive, so I paid a shed load more money for the "s" seats .

I`m not ever so impressed with them - can`t get the lumber support right. I end up adjusting it several times per journey.

My wife has back problems, so we are experimenting with 1" thick tempurfoam cushions. When (if) we find the right desity of foam, we`ll cover them in ivory coloured cotton.

Perhaps for 41K cushions should come as std fit :lol:

I`ve been spoiled with my 10 year old cumfy pug estate, not yet used to hard leather seats :)

24-06-10, 10:32
I have exactly the same problem as squeakyclean with the driver seat in my luxury and find myself constantly shifting and arching my back to aleviate the discomfort, even during short journeys. There is some kind of bar which presses against the lower spine which is extremely annoying and the level of adjustment to the seat provided in the luxury does little to correct this. The lack of lumbar support is also a major oversight.

24-06-10, 10:40
Funnily enough I was thinking about trying something similar myself with the foam pad, if only to keep the seat back from rubbing the small of my back. Interestingly I find it's more comfortable if I don't wear a belt on my trousers - though even then it's not much better!! Anyway, I'm not sure I should have to alter my clothing to suit the car. I've already had to splash out on buying a tweed jacket and slacks for driving it :D And taking up pipe smoking is doing my lungs no good whatsoever.

With regards to lateral support, I think it's probably an unspecified safety feature. The limits of adhesion of the seats are significantly less than those of the tyres hence preventing pushing it too hard.

Still love the car though.

25-06-10, 10:59
Okay, I didn't put this in my profile - but I'm 6 ft half an inch and weigh 220lb (15.7 stone ... How on EARTH can you work in these units?!). I find the driver's seat in my '2009' very comfortable - albeit with almost indescernable lumbarf support movement when I have bothered to use the lumbar support pneumatics (as I understand, that is the motive force). And I have a bad back. Only other seat that compares with this is the BMW. I get long-distance backache in everything else that I have travelled in (except Business Class, of course! :lol: ).

I do get complaints from the peanut gallery about the slippery seats though :oops: . Something to do with the combined effects of centripetal force and the leather cleaner/conditioner that I apply in equally generaous amounts, I suppose.

29-06-10, 22:25
Hi Im new on here

I did find the seats uncomfortable also
But I have solved the problem (for me at least)

I bought a single memory foam mattress cover from Dunhelms (60) & cut it to size
in 2 pieces (1 for seat & one for back) ditto for pax seat

Much better on a longish journey

30-06-10, 04:54
Welcome to the forum Basil :lol:
I am glad you have found a remedy to overcome the discomfort you were experiencing
in your Luxury model XF
It would be interesting to see a picture of it wearing your customized mattress cover.

30-06-10, 08:34
Just to provide some balance, I have the luxury seats and have absolutely no problem with them. Initially I noticed the lack of lateral support, having come from sport seats in my previous car, but this has either improved as the seat & back has softened, or I have just become accustomed to it.

I do around 20,000 miles per annum - largely in journeys of 4 - 8 hours per day. I am a short-arse though at 5' 4" / 11.5 stone.

30-06-10, 10:47
Like Growler, I too have no problem with the seats in the Luxury, I don't slide about and they are very comfortable. ;)

30-06-10, 11:46
I too do not have a problem with the luxury seats. I have completed 14000 miles since last October without any problems with them.

30-06-10, 16:42
I thought I could live with the Premium Luxury adjustable driver's seat; and I tried really hard to get used to it - but it gave me severe backache. I found the squab to be too long and too angled - even when set as 'flat' as possible.

I have improved the situation by purchasing a memory foam wedged seat cushion - which corrects the angle of the squab making it practically flat. I can manage long journeys now with no discomfort; but it's not an ideal solution.

sweeney todd
30-06-10, 23:02
My sincere empathy with those that have a bad back.

If you're making it worse by carrying excess weight? Lose some or buy a marque that acknowledges obesity is a problem and panders to it.

Seriously folks, comfortable seating is such a personal thing even the most 'ergonomic' seats still don't 'fit' some folk.

Trouble is by the time you buy you've probably not had the chance to find out it's not for you.

johnny english
01-07-10, 11:14
I agree the seats in Lux are not brilliant and should come with lumbar support, most other makes at this level do.
This was one of the main reasons I went for the S WHICH ARE BETTER BUT STILL HAVE THE BAR AT THE BASE OF THE BACKREST

01-07-10, 14:31
Had my luxury for 2 years and no problem with the seats.

01-07-10, 18:11
Had mine for 9 months now and 9000 miles and not a single problem, IMHO far superior to Audi (don't fit) and BMW (too firm) offerings, . The problem with the likes of sports seats etc is unless they have got adjustable bolsters, (side supports on the seat seat and back rest) then they arn't going to fit everybody and so are limited.
I haven't tried Jaguars sport seats yet so can't comment, surfice to say I am perfectly happy with my choice.
For reference I am 5'9" and 11 stone.


01-07-10, 18:33
FYI, the sports ('S') seats have adjustable bolsters, the drivers side has adjustable seat length to cope with long and short legs too.... fantastic seats!

02-07-10, 16:01
FYI, the sports ('S') seats have adjustable bolsters, the drivers side has adjustable seat length to cope with long and short legs too.... fantatsic seats!

Then it seems Jaguar have got the sport seat option spot on. So then it just comes down to how much is left in your wallet and can you stump up the extra 3000 for the sports seats (with a more powerful engine thrown in), lol.


02-07-10, 16:17
it just comes down to how much is left in your wallet and can you stump up the extra 3000 for the sports seats (with a more powerful engine thrown in)
... which is exactly what I did (and got!) The seats are THE most important comfort accessory for me in any car.

02-07-10, 18:29
it just comes down to how much is left in your wallet and can you stump up the extra 3000 for the sports seats (with a more powerful engine thrown in)
... which is exactly what I did (and got!) The seats are THE most important comfort accessory for me in any car.

Seconded on the seat comfort piece. I looked at the XF a few months back before the MY11 spec was released and I wouldn't have purchased at that time based on the standard seats. Initial impressions of my 'S' seats are that they are far better than the S Line seats I had in my Audi (which I also liked). I've ended up in a very different driving position to that of my Audi but one that is ultimately better for car control and very comfortable.

OT: After a couple of months of being taunted by the wife that I was getting an 'old man's car' (her words not mine), she drove it for the first time today in a very spirited fashion, taking three detours on the way home to take in more entertaining roads. Suffice to say it has been upgraded to 'a fantastic car' in her eyes. We are both very happy with it so far !

13-01-11, 14:32
Reading the posts on here it appears that quite a few people have the same problem as me. I collected my car on 30th Dec 2010 and one week later I had done 1000miles and have a bad back!
It never even occured to me when I speced the car that it would not have lumber suport, after all even a lowly Astra has it as standard! I didn't want heated seats or memory seats but just didn't realise that the 8way standard seats did not have adjustable lumber support and would cause such dicomfort so quickly. I do about 25,000miles a year and had no problem with my Merc (220,000miles) or Mondao (235,000miles) but after 1000 in the XF I'm in trouble!
Has anyone found a solution that does not include spending a fortune on new seats that include other options that I don't want ie Heated or memory function?

13-01-11, 14:50
Welcome to the forum ConradM :)
Sorry to read that you are experiencing discomfort in your XF. I haven't travelled in a Luxury specced car and so can't help with a solution. It is to be hoped that squeakyclean, the originator of this topic, will update us with his experience. It is interesting that he posted on five occasions about the seats and in June of last year he reported that he was a little happier, since then he hasn't commented. :)

13-01-11, 14:56
I noticed the lack of lumbar support on both my test drives, so when I ordered the car I ordered the Luxury Winter Comfort Memory pack, which included the addition of lumbar support. I agree that Jaguar are a bit mean when it comes to adjustments on the standard spec - I had two X-Types before the XF and in both cases specified seat upgrades. I am glad I did, having driven a standard Luxury as a loan car and been less than comfortable.

I have had my own car for over 20,000 miles and find the seats very comfortable - I used to commute 112 miles a day and have also done some brisk A-road day trips up to Lincolnshire with no problems. Indeed, I find they are a relief to sit in after a long flight, for example.


13-01-11, 17:45
Hi ConradM. I found that having the seat closer to the steering wheel, and the back slightly more vertical, than I am normally used to completely resolved my initial back ache issue.

After a few days I got used to sitting closer to the wheel, rather than the legs/arms stretched out approach that I used to prefer. Don't even think about it now.

Try it - hope it helps. I feel your pain!

13-01-11, 18:59
I remember reading this thread....I think there was also another thread dating back to 2008 or 2009 as well... prior to ordering my car....fortunately I`v never had an issue with the seats in any car I`v owned....but I still think Jaguar should offer upgraded seats as a stand alone option on all models.

johnny english
13-01-11, 20:59
can't jaguar retro fit the lumbar support /
BMw did this on of my old cars onnce, it cost about 400 for both fron seats

14-01-11, 08:49
As you will see earlier in this thread my wife had problems with the seats during our test drive weekend but by playing around a bit, particularly with the angle of the cushion she was absolutely fine and since we have actually had the car we have had no further problems whatsoever - as suggested above it may be a case of playing around with the seat until you find a position that works.

07-02-14, 12:16
Hi there. I'm new to the forum and to owning a Jaguar for that matter; I upgraded to a pre-loved XF 3.0D Luxury on 4th Jan from my trusty Mazda 6, so have had a month's worth of driving pleasure from it now. Or, it would be if the driver's seat was fully adjustable with a lumbar support. So far I have had two trips to my Chiropractor and my back still isn't pain-free. So, I am interested to read that other people have experienced similar issues with their pride and joy. For the time being, I have put a universal chair lumbar support (of the frame and mesh type) in place and this has improved matters a lot; it just means that I am not held in place by the side supports of the seat, which is interesting when cornering on tight bends. It looks as though the last post on this thread was back in 2010, so I wonder if there have been any more recent ideas on how to improve these problems since then. Many thanks, Howard. (PS. apologies for the block of text. The carriage return doesn't seem to work on this forum - for me)

07-02-14, 18:23
...so I wonder if there have been any more recent ideas on how to improve these problems since then.

There is a more recent one HERE (http://www.xfforum.co.uk/threads/22018-very-disappointing-experience/page3?highlight=seat+adjustment) 47mphman .... oh, and a warm welcome to the forum too ;):D